About Us


‘Live to love, love to sparkle’  is the philosophy resonating throughout our products and company culture.


British born founder Meera Soni has a family history spanning 7 generations of the jewellery business.

Transforming the traditional style of jewellery into fashion and glamour for a new generation.

Bridging the gap to an international level with appeal across cultures and borders.


Since 2008 the company has grown from strength to strength, strategically located, Dubai serves as the central hub for our business.

You will find LOVE SONI in major department stores and boutique stores around the world as well as online fashion sites.

We pride ourselves on our sharp focus on the Middle East and our strong ties with some of the top retailers in the region.


All our designing is conducted by our in-house creative team, dedicated to continuous product development.

Making us adaptable and flexible to the fast paced dynamic environment.

We have strong ties with our manufacturers and they understand the level of quality and craftsmanship we require.


For a lustrous look we use base metal, plated in either 18carat gold or in rhodium plating.

Using Swarovski and high end Austrian crystals for the unique shapes and colours.

All of our products are quality controlled on site at various factories around the world.

Ethically manufactured to the highest standard, nickel free and comply with international standards. 


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